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Our Commitment to the Community

NVX has a sense of social responsibility that it should help those less fortunate and, actively, support our local community.  NVX believes that by contributing to local communities through charitable donations or other social initiatives we can help make a difference to those in need.

Makarios support house/ kids smile

The KIDS SMILE association was created in September 2009.  It is a nonprofit organization with the urge to provide financial support, mentorship and a home for children that requires immediate support.  The association is looking to create awareness around the issue of child abuse in Cyprus; such as psychological, physical and sexual abuse/s.

The association is supported by a group of volunteers and members who are engaged in public awareness campaigns, as well as contributions to various needy families.  For this purpose information is kept on record, and families with daily need for support are being addressed regularly according to the financial capacity of the association.



The SPDC is an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned, abused and homeless dogs; both in Cyprus and abroad.  It is run  by volunteers and survives solely on donations.  Its sanctuary is always at maximum capacity and when one dog is rehomed there is always  another to take its place.  The SPDC is a no-kill shelter and rehabilitation is a very big part of the organization’s ethos.

No case is too hopeless and some of the most traumatized and frightened dogs are now leading happy lives in loving homes.  In 2014 the SPDC   found homes for 285 dogs.  In 2015 that number grew to 370 and it is expected to home even more by the end of 2016.